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OJSC Penzkompressormash is a modern, dynamically developing enterprise encompassing design, process and manufacturing divisions.

For over 65 years of operations, the company has supplied over 23,000 air and gas compressors in various Russian industry sectors and for export and over 5,000 special compressors tailor-made for various petrochemical, iron and steel and aerospace industry enterprises.

1950г – first compressor releaseddoc00612520161117100131_001.jpg

1955г – first special compressors released

1965г – compressors on M10 and M25 bases released

1972г – spare parts shop organized

1980г – 4VM10-120/9 compressors releaseddoc00612720161117100241_001.jpg
1980г – Integrated Product Quality Management System (QMS) introduced and registered

1981г – serial manufacture of 4VM10-120/9 compressors established

1984г – serial manufacture of 7VV-50/8 compressors established, designed for the climatic conditions of the Far North and Siberia

1992г – the factory converted into Penzkompressormash Joint-Stock Company of Open Type

1993-1998гг – several types of screw air compressors developed and released

1999г – VG compressors for compressing associated petroleum gas developed and released

2002г – renaming into OJSC Penzkompressormash

2005г – MKZ units for refueling vehicles with compressed natural gas developed and released

2009г – modular compressor units developed and released

doc00614120161117101543_001.jpg2011г –DAON-175P refrigeration plants released

2014г – container-type nitrogen compressor stations released

2015г – NGV-refueling compressor stations based on own compressors developed and released

In recent years, the factory has been reorganized with an aim of optimizing the production facilities and the plant management structure.

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