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For many years OJSC Penzkompressormash has been one of the leading enterprises, representing the best alternative to imported industrial equipment and offering the most complete solutions in line with the current requirements for high-quality reliable compressor and electric pumping equipment and related maintenance services. We are a well-coordinated team of professionals who strive to become the leader of the domestic market of industrial equipment. The corporate philosophy of OJSC Penzkompressormash is based on traditions and values that define the company's policy in relation to its partners, customers, competitors and the general public.


Over the years, we have been serving customers, providing timely supply for the current demand and delivering reliable high-quality compressor and pumping equipment. We have earned the reputation of a reliable partner that is trusted by professionals in most diverse industries where our equipment is applied.

Надежность и стабильность
Стремление к лидерству


We are one of the leaders in the market of industrial equipment. However, this is far from being our final goal. Our goal is to become the absolute market leader in the field of compressor and the electric pumping equipment. At the same time, we are committed to a high level of business ethics and the principles of civilized competition.


OJSC Penzkompressormash offers only reliable and high-quality compressor and electric pumping equipment. One of our strengths consists in the application of a comprehensive approach to the design, manufacture, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all equipment. We ensure strict quality control at every stage of the design and manufacturing processes. With the ability to go beyond the typical specifications of series-produced machinery, OJSC PKM always delivers its customers the exact compressor and electric pumping configurations that best meet their requirements and expectations.

Широкий ассортимент
Новаторство и развитие


We are committed to work in advance of the demand, to take a step further by offering our customers new advanced products in line with the latest international market trends.


OJSC Penzkompressormash is an expert on the market of compressor and electric pumping equipment. Our company employs some of the best professionals in the field. People, their knowledge, skills and creativity comprise the main asset of our company. We constantly strive to self-improve and to improve the professional level of our specialists.


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