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Air compressors represent special devices used for the compression and supply of pressurized gas, with a wide range of applications.

Based on the operation principle, all mechanical compressors may be divided into two groups:

  • dynamic compressors, and

  • displacement compressors.

OJSC Penzkompressormash manufactures positive displacement compressors. The basic types are:

  • screw compressors, and

  • reciprocating (piston) compressors


Air compressor plants are designed to supply compressed air to production processes and equipment (machinery, air tools, conveyor belts) at enterprises of the mechanical engineering industry, iron and steel industry, power, chemical, gas, oil and petrochemical industries. Compressors are used in drilling rigs and in coal mining to increase the efficiency and quality of operations performed. Compressors may be operated in all weather conditions, always maintaining a high level of quality.

СCompressed air is a source of energy. Air compressors compress ambient air by reducing its volume. Compressed air is blown into a special container or released for use into a pressure system. The air compression process makes accelerates the motion of air molecules in a small volume; the resulting pressure difference between the inside and outside spaces forces the air out at high velocity.

Compressors consist of two elements: a compression mechanism and a power source for the compression mechanism. Compression energy may be supplied by an electric motor, by gas or by a power takeoff device. Proper compression inside air compressors is ensured by pistons, blades and impellers. By compressing and storing and air, air compressors convert mechanical energy into pneumatic energy.

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