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OJSC Penzkompressormash is one of the first Russian enterprises to have launched the production of sealed electric pumps with magnetic couplings. For a long time, Company's specialists have been engaged in activities aimed at improving the quality, efficiency, reliability and energy efficiency of such solutions.

VNG-ts-E pumps represent vertical sealed centrifugal pumps driven by asynchronous electric motors.


VNG-ts pumps are designed for pumping hydrocarbons, neutral, aggressive, toxic, reactive, flammable and explosive liquids, vapors of which may form explosive mixtures with air, in stationary conditions. VNG-ts-E pumps are not designed for pumping crystallizing and polymerizing liquids. These pumps may be used at oil transportation and processing facilities at all stages of oil synthesis. VNG-ts-E pumps may be used for pumping fluids with hydrogen sulfide contents of up to 6%.

An electric pumping unit consists of a pump, a motor and a foundation slab. Each pump consists of suction and discharge housings with pipes holding the stages enclosed in a sleeve, fixed by pins and containing impellers and guide vanes.


VNG pump sealing along the shaft is ensured through the application of a magnetic coupling consisting of the leading and trailing coupling halves. The coupling halves contain fixed permanent magnets of a rare-earth metal alloy. The magnetic coupling ensures contactless torque transmission from the motor to the pump shaft. The coupling halves are separated by a thin-walled cup of a nonmagnetic material sealed with a rubber ring. The cup, heated in operation by eddy currents, is cooled by the flow of the liquid pumped, passing from a cavity in the discharge housing along the opening in the upper bearing and through the gap between the cup and the driven coupling half and then through the central opening in the pump shaft to the suction cavity of a final stage.


Radial and axial loads acting on the shaft are taken by the upper and lower bearing assemblies. Similarly to the cup, the bearings are cooled and lubricated by the pumped liquid.

The use of a magnetic coupling in VNG-ts-E sealed pump units offers the following advantages:

  • minimum required maintenance (minimum requirement in operating personnel as maintenance of the seals and lubrication of assemblies are no longer required);
  • proper sanitary and hygienic working conditions (no contact with the fluid, no requirement for lubrication);

  • occupational safety in operation of any fluid (corrosive, toxic, with aggressive odors, flammable and explosive fluids);

  • environmental safety (all leakages are prevented);

  • journal bearings of silicon carbide (increased durability, reduced noise characteristics, lubrication and cooling by the fluid);

  • no contact seals or mechanical contact between the inner and outer coupling halves of the magnetic coupling (the pumps are virtually free from any mechanical wear);

  • sterility of the product pumped (no contact between the pumped fluid and external systems).


  • Certificate of Conformity issued by Certification Center “NASTHOL” (mandatory certification);

  • Certificate of Conformity to the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 012/2011, “On Safety of Equipment Intended for Use in Explosive Atmospheres, issued by RPN-Sfera LLC.

  • Declaration of Conformity to the requirements TR CU 010/2011, On Safety of Machinery and Equipment, 020/2011, Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Facilities, and 004/2011, On Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment.

Pump versions by flow part material types:

  • A: 09G2S steel for body parts, flow section of 20X13, shaft of 40X13/30X13.

  • K: 12X18N10T/12X18N9T for body parts, flow section, shaft of 40X13/30X13.

  • E: 09G2S steel for body parts, 10X17N13M2T/10X17N13M2T, flow section, shaft of 40X13/30X13.

  • D: 12X18N10T for body parts, flow section of 20X13, shaft of 40X13/30X13.

Operating parameters:

  • supply rate (capacity) of 0.3 to 200 m3/h;

  • head of up to 250 m (the value may be multiplied through the use of double and triple units);

  • operating fluid temperature of -50 to + 2500С;

  • density of up to 1800 kg/cm3;

  • viscosity of 50 cSt (depending on the supply rate);

  • content of impurities (non-abrasive) of up to 0.2%, grain size of up to 0.2 mm;

  • explosion protection to IIExdST4;

  • dust and moisture protection of up to IP56.

Additional options:

  • sealing cup temperature monitoring sensor;

  • vibration sensor;

  • control station (APCS);

  • electric heating and thermal insulation of the pump housing;

  • signal transducer for 4 to 20 mA+HART;

  • motor with additional options* (frequency converter, bearing temperature monitoring sensor, anti-condensation heater, PTC winding protection type (with a control relay), stator winding temperature monitoring sensor).

* The possibility of using additional motor options to be specified at ordering

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