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sd3.jpg Diploma of the Moscow International Specialized Exhibition on Gas Supply and Effective Use of Gas, Moscow, September 2005
sd4.jpg Diploma of the International Forum “Pumps, Compressors, Valves 2005 (PCVExpo)”, Moscow, November 2005
sd2.gif Diploma of PCVExpo'2006 International Forum, Moscow, October 2006
sd1.jpg Diploma “100 Best Goods of Russia”, Moscow 2008
deklaracia_sml_100.jpg Quality Statement (2VV-14/9 M1 Compressor Plant), Moscow, December 2011
nagrada_sml_100.jpg Diploma “100 Best Goods of Russia”, Moscow 2011
s_diplom_kazan_agnks1200_pkmru.jpg II Degree Diploma in Competition “Best Exhibit, Best Project or Best Technical Solution”, Kazan, 2015
s_diplom_agnks_pkmru.jpg Medal for the manufacture of equipment ensuring producibility and energy saving (NGV filling stations
AGNKS-1200) under the import substitution program, Tyumen, September 2015

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